Our Youth Martial Arts classes at Royce Gracie Academy OC will give your child the perfect introduction to the fascinating world of martial arts!  We teach and instill basic developmental skills that will show up in many aspects of life such as: showing proper manners, how to look someone in the eyes, shake their hand and give a polite greeting, improved listening skills, longer periods of focus and attention span, self control of one’s actions and attitudes, learning to participate in group activities and getting along well with others. It’s no magic pill and it doesn’t happen in one class. However, for many parents, our program is the perfect alliance and is one of the most valued investments for their child. For over 20 years, we’ve had outstanding success teaching kids how to become goal-oriented, athletic and academic achievers. We believe that every child has the potential to become an achiever and a Champion in Life!

LIL’ DRAGONS (4-6 years old)

Our Lil’ Dragon Classes are fast-paced, fun filled, educational and motivational. Kids love our program and parents love watching their kids learn and grow in a positive, well disciplined and encouraging atmosphere. Each class is filled with exciting, high-energy drills that are carefully designed to develop important life skills. All lessons are based on positive recognition, reward and reinforcement for effort, skill, manners, sportsmanship and respectful treatment of others. Self-confidence and Self Esteem are built in a gradual step-by-step fashion. Martial Arts training helps build a strong foundation that can easily be applied in academics, sports, arts and social settings.

Our Lil’ Dragons program is an excellent choice for giving your child a strong start on life. Whether it be the early demands and concerns of pre-school, or the natural fears of loosening the reigns of control on your child’s daily activities. These early years are so vital in developing the habits that lead to a healthier, happier and more confident child.

  • Increased Attention Span
  • Improved Hand-Eye Coordination and Motor Skills
  • Improved Listening and Concentration Skills
  • Higher levels of Respect and Obedient Behavior
  • Decrease in Parent Separation Anxiety
  • Improved Self-Confidence & Self Esteem
  • Greater overall Health & Fitness
  • Better direction and use of their energy
  • Development of a Non-Quitting Spirit
  • “Yes I Can” Attitude
  • Highly Trained Nationally Certified Instructors


Our Junior Champions classes are based on the core values of Martial Arts training. “Martial Arts Begins and Ends With Respect.”  From this basic premise, we develop your child’s awareness and skills in three primary areas – Respect, Discipline and Self Control. Our core curriculum includes high-energy drills and skills designed to build and condition each child’s attitude, behavior and overall character development. Our training instills confidence through positive coaching, lots of encouragement and a powerful mentoring relationship with role model leaders. We also teach valuable life skills that focus on Goal-Setting, positive attitude, relationship building, communication skills and leadership. We offer an exciting step-by-step coaching series to develop these critical personal development and hi-level achievement skills.

Our highly trained teaching staff will share vital safety tips and teach your child practical self-defense. Most important is that your child understands some simple rules of safety.  They will learn tips such as safety in numbers and learning to practice safe habits in their daily routine. We also stress non-violent conflict resolution, how to avoid dangerous situations and practical techniques for getting away from a range of situations.

All of our Royce Gracie Academy OC classes are taught in a safe, fun, upbeat and energizing environment. Our teaching style is based on positive coaching, goal setting and lots of encouragement. We never give up on kids; we always team up and we have plenty of success stories to keep us committed to instilling habits of excellence in the lives of children. The vast majority of our Junior Black Belt Leaders are high-academic achievers, great kids and highly athletic. The majority don’t start that way, with time, training and teamwork; we have seen thousands of kids become highly successful in every aspect of their life.

  • Respect for self and others
  • Academic Achievement
  • Goal Oriented
  • Healthy/Happy/Fit
  • Increased Self Confidence & Self Esteem
  • Leadership Skills

TEEN LEADERS (Ages 12-15)

Leadership Training – Consistent with the unique history and practice of the martial arts, our core curriculum includes high-energy drills designed to build and hone self-control and self-discipline. Through positive coaching we instill confidence and develop skills in relationship building, personal development, manners and protocol as well as building your personal knowledge in maintaining your personal health and fitness.

Secrets of Consistency – Staying with your workout can be a real challenge.  The group dynamics, professional coaching for each training session, belt ranking and award system can truly make the difference when it comes to sticking with your training in our academy. A positive and encouraging environment is at the heart of our school.




Gracie Jiu-Jitsu is the most complete and efficient martial art known today for a weaker person to defend him or herself against a stronger aggressor. Gracie Jiu-Jitsu is the art of flexibility, pliancy, adaptability, and astuteness.  It emphasizes the triumph of human intelligence over brute strength.

Our mission is to provide the most effective self defense instruction in the world by giving students the tools to defend themselves in real life, with no rules, no points, and no time limits. We teach Gracie Jiu-Jitsu as a method of realistic self defense and personal development and not as a tournament sport.

At Royce Gracie Academy OC we are fully committed to preserving Royce Gracie and his father, Grandmaster Helio Gracie’s vision, teaching method, and philosophy on and off the mat. Royce Gracie Academy OC is proudly the Official representative of Royce Gracie Jiu-Jitsu in Orange County since 2001.


RG360 LEVEL 1 & 2

RG360 is a complete multi-level Gracie Jiu-Jitsu curriculum developed by Royce Gracie that strictly follows the teaching of his father, Grandmaster Helio Gracie. The lesson program encompasses all aspects of Jiu-Jitsu, from fundamentals to advanced. Included in the program is a comprehensive Self Defense curriculum, Grappling Curriculum, Weapon Defense curriculum, Kids Curriculum, Law Enforcement and a Military Combatives Curriculum.

RG360 includes hundreds of techniques that could literally save your life during a real street confrontation. This innovative teaching method is an adaptation of Grand Master Helio Gracie’s private class curriculum to be used in a group setting. Originally, Grandmaster Helio’s Self Defense system was only taught through private lessons. Group lessons were designed to prepare students for tournaments. Royce Gracie developed the RG360 program in order to allow students to learn his father’s system through group lessons.


After completing with RG360 Level 1 &2  you will, have the opportunity to join the Advanced Program… This program consists of different specialized classes and focuses more deeply on each separate element of a fight. In the course of the Advanced Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Class you will learn new techniques and combinations, improve your reaction time, and refine your current knowledge.

At this level, our style of Jiu-Jitsu will become natural and you will learn to put the basic techniques together into various combinations, with the use of leverage and momentum.

  • Grappling Techniques
  • Throwing Techniques
  • Striking Techniques
  •  Standing Self-defense Techniques (weapons included)
  • 753code™ (Jiu-jitsu Philosophy)


Grand Master Hélio Gracie has stated that the fastest and most efficient way to take full advantage of Jiu-Jitsu techniques and all its intricacies and details is by taking private lessons.  He personally designed a curriculum that enables any individual to become physically independent in only 36 lessons. This program teaches the elements to defend against any possible attack standing up or on the floor, grappling or striking. Grandmaster Hélio’s self defense program has been utilized and perfected for over 80 years.

During private lessons you will learn a number of techniques against all types of street aggressions including bare hand, club, knife and gun attacks.

After only few private lessons a student will possess the knowledge and reflexes necessary to realistically improve the chances of defending him or herself in a real street fight.



There is no better way to get in shape and have the body of your dreams.

Our Kickboxing workout has been featured in “Muscle & Fitness” Magazine, the fitness industry’s largest publication and was rated #1 as a calorie burner. Our workout came in at 800 calories burned an hour! Second with 680 calories was basketball.

Kickboxing is perfect for the adult who is too busy or simply not interested in being involved in a Martial Arts program. Our workout uses all the major muscle groups, at moderate intensity, thereby burning more calories than any other aerobic activity. It uses resistance training aerobically.


A typical workout is 60 minutes long, beginning with a warm up and gentle stretching routine, followed by Progressively more challenging kick and punching combinations. Training continues with an intense heavy bag workout, where the student gets a chance to punch and kick their frustrations away. Leg and hip strengthening exercises follow the bag workout, to help the students develop the necessary leg muscles required for proper kicking. At the end of the workout the student is taken through various calisthenics, such as abdominal, thigh, hip, and glute exercises. We also have the student go through various upper body exercises to keep them toned and strong.


Any student over the age of 16 can participate in our high energy classes. No matter what shape you are in, our classes are right for you. All of our students go through a very thorough Private Introductory Class, whereby we assess their fitness level, flexibility range, and teach them all the required basics at their own pace. Our professional staff will then evaluate the students fitness needs and goals, and accordingly suggest a proper training regimen.

All students workout at their own pace, and are initially encouraged to develop proper technique to avoid the potential of injury. All it takes for a complete transformation is a positive attitude, the rest we do! So give us a try, we are confident we can help you achieve your fitness goals, and transform your body, and mind into a lean, mean fighting machine!


“I fear not the man who practiced 10,000 kicks, but the man who has practiced 1 kick 10,000 times.”



Information presented in this FAQ summarizes questions frequently asked by our Students and prospective Students. Please call us or speak with one of our certified Instructors for more information. You will find our staff friendly and always eager to assist.

Yes, we have classes for a variety of ages and stages of development. Our youngest students are called Lil’ Dragons (ages 4 to 6).  This program presents a fun, yet very well structured approach to develop early stage motor skills, better listening abilities, and shows kids how to work well with others. We also teach simple Stranger Danger & Awareness, along with exciting Martial Arts games that build strength, agility and aims their endless energy in a positive direction.

Our Juniors Champions Program (ages 7 to 11) teaches goal-setting and is a great physical exercise program. We get kids into great shape and build their self-esteem and overall self-confidence.  We teach our kids valuable life skills that enhance solid character development and stress academic achievement. The majority of our Junior Black Belts are high academic achievers and well rounded athletes.

Our Adult Programs students are recapturing the energy and stamina of their youth.  Most will tell you that they are currently in the best shape of their lives.  It’s a versatile well rounded fitness program. Three keys areas of our fitness training include, flexibility, strength and muscle tone, along with stamina and endurance.

No matter what age, all students benefit from the emphasis on conditioning their mind, body and spirit. Mentally, students are developing the ability to concentrate and stay focused on their goals.  Physically, they are becoming healthier, happier and more fit, while learning valuable skills of self-defense. When it comes to the spirit, Martial Arts training triggers our positive emotions and teaches us to better control the negative ones.

Absolutely not! The best time to start your journey is right now! Our Basic Programs are designed to lay a strong foundation of skill and conditioning. Whether you’re a beginner to the arts, or you’ve had previous experience, each student will progress at the pace that is right for them. All new members are guided through a basic training routine that is modified to fit each individual’s needs and desires. Of course, if you’ve been an inactive adult it is always best to make sure you are healthy enough to participate in this type of activity.

New students generally train two times a week in our Basic Training and then are offered more classes and curriculum options once they qualify for a more advanced program. We offer classes for all ages and levels of ability six days a week, Monday through Saturday. Our Program Director will help you create an action plan to achieve your desired results.

It has been found that people that train the martial arts often see dramatic and continual improvements in many areas of their lives. Improvements in self confidence, self discipline and overall self esteem are common.  The many physical and health benefits realized through training have a positive long term impact and value to people of all ages, including, greater flexibility, endurance and energy, strength and muscle tone. Royce Gracie Academy OC Champions walk tall, stand proud and lead by example with the energy for excellence.

Kids with A.D.D./Attention Deficit Disorder are usually very active mentally as well as physically. Our Martial Arts classes are fast paced, fun and filled with a variety of activities. This type of environment usually allows kids with A.D.D. to excel. Not only do they like the activity, they enjoy the positive encouragement and rewards they receive from our Instructors. We have an incentive driven program for kids and they enjoy the step by step method of learning and growing.

Martial Arts For All

Try a class on us to see if Royce Gracie Academy OC would be a good fit for you.