“Royce Gracie Academy OC is absolutely awesome! I had never tried any type of martial arts but really wanted to give it a try. I spent a lot of time looking up different places. Royce Gracie Academy OC had the best hours, convenient location, and the nicest facility, and was in the right price range of what I was looking for. I met with Rachel (her and her husband are the owners), took a tour, and asked a million questions, to which she answered all of them, patiently and honestly. She recommended that I watch a class to get an idea of what I’d be doing and offered to give me a private lesson.

After the lesson, I was pretty much in love with everything about the place, but I wanted to review the Yelp recommendations. When I did, I was disappointed, changed my mind, and decided not to bother with the free lesson. For a week I thought about everything from my initial visit there (which was great) to how I felt about the opinions in the reviews. I decided to trust my intuition and if I was disappointed, it would be my own fault. I AM SOOOO GLAD I WENT WITH MY GUT!!!

I can’t explain how nice, helpful, patient, and experienced these people are. Not to mention, COMPLETELY professional. I kid you not, the amount of time they spend teaching you, making sure you’re not only understanding the moves, but helping you perfect them, is just amazing. Rachel also knew that I was a little shy about being with the guys when I started so she took the class WITH me, just so we could be partners. That’s totally going above and beyond! Glad I found USBA and saw for myself what a great place it is!”

– Sarah C., Laguna Niguel

“We live in Newport and have to drive quite a ways to get to this Academy. It is worth the extra effort! My son lovesRoyce Gracie Academy OC! We knew it was good but felt it might be too far to drive. Now we look forward to it every week – and the staff is amazing! You cannot put a price tag on helping your child build self-respect! I highly recommend checking outRoyce Gracie Academy OC. Thank you Royce Gracie Academy OC!”

– M & M, Newport Beach, CA

“My daughter, wife and I are all students here. Great program, great teachers, great family business. Mrs Rachel and Master Kravitz are awesome instructors and leaders. Mr Arnold is amazing with kids and adults. The whole family is really enjoying spending time here, keeping healthy mentally and psychically!”
– Brian C.

“My boys have been going here for 7 years. One has his black belt, and the other is working toward his. I love the structure, reward system, and self-discipline that both my boys are learning from this studio. Highly recommend!”

– Michelle O.

“Love this place! Our whole family has been involved withRoyce Gracie Academy OC’s programs for over 6 years now. Our son, who will be testing for his Black Belt this fall, has learned invaluable life skills at this Academy. Master Kravitz and the Instructors have built his confidence and self-esteem. He has learned the value of commitment, perseverance and goal setting. They have top notch customer service and truly care about their students.”

– Gail L.

“It is clear to me that Royce Gracie Academy OC is passionate about teaching martial arts skills and self-defense to the children in our community. But it is also obvious that there is great care taken by staff to emphasize and teach the other benefits of traditional martial arts: discipline, respect for others, and the advantages of good health and fitness. As a result, I know that my kids not only gained self-confidence, but all these other benefits from their training as well.

For my part, I, also thoroughly enjoy the mixed martial arts curriculum atRoyce Gracie Academy OC. The opportunities we have all enjoyed – training with Royce Gracie, Royler Gracie, and the monthly classes taught by Rodrigo Gracie – have been not only informative but very gratifying. We’ve been fortunate to have benefitted from a true “insider’s” perspective on Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, and from Master Kravitz’s long association and personal friendship with the Gracie family.

The O.C. Register was right! Your school is truly the best martial arts school in Orange County!”

– Mark Roknich, Dana Point, CA

“My daughters have been going here for almost a year. When we have accidentally left a t-shirt or belt behind, staff would let us borrow one and didn’t even ask for it back! If you think gear for sparring is pricey, it’s no more than you would pay at your local sports shop. For me it was a little expensive at the time (about six months after being there) because I was going through a divorce and my money was pretty much frozen until we went to court. So I was allowed to spread the payments up over a six month period.

USBA is helping my children not only learn how to take down a would be attacker but to feel proud when they get a promotion. We even get a hand written card of congratulations with their name on it in the mail when they get to the next level in the belt system. I have attended and always payed when the billing was due

USBA treated my family as if I was a part of their own. Once my finance situation resolved (about a month and a half later), I of course paid immediately and even went on a little shopping spree in the kids’ clothing section. Ivan and his wife are both sweethearts. I deal with Rachel mostly but she runs everything past Ivan before making any final decision. They are business partners so she does it out if respect for each other. I have seen him treat Rachel only with respect. He’s a business man and a family man, obviously a great guy. And Rachel ..she’s a doll. It’s no wonder they can run a business together they are both easy to get along with.

Ivan and Rachel have treated my family with integrity, and how kind of them to allow my children to continue when I wasn’t even sure if I could pay them for that one month. I drove home that day in tears while thinking to myself that this goes to show everything is going to be okay. I made it through my divorce and all the drama that went with it. I’m so grateful for them all at USBA – they are dedicated. It’s about the kids to them and to helping them strive to be their best.

The staff definitely cares about their clients, and not just the clients money, or I would have been booted a long time ago. I am forever grateful. I will stay with Royce Gracie Academy OC until my daughters get their black belts. My daughters have learned so much and couldn’t be happier.

Royce Gracie Academy OC is a wonderful academy.The place is professionally cleaned each morning! They have a company that comes in and sanitizes the mats daily. With all those kids going in and out? Thank God! Royce Gracie Academy OC runs a tight ship. Most dojos smell, and have germs everywhere. I moved to them from an academy in Aliso that was so gross. It was dirty my kids would get everything that was going around.

Royce Gracie Academy OC and its employees are a breath of fresh air in more ways than one!”

Jenny D., Laguna Niguel

“My family has been withRoyce Gracie Academy OC for 4 years. Royce Gracie Academy OC has been very beneficial to me and family. Ivan Kravitz, Rachel Kravitz and staff are total pros that really take training seriously. My daughter is 11 and just got her first degree Blackbelt. Going through this process not only built up her self confidence but also made her work harder at school where she went from mediocre report cards to straight A’s. Ivan, Rachel and staff really take the time to make sure your child excel not only in martial arts, but in life as well. My daughter loves the program and will continue to work on higher belts at Royce Gracie Academy OC.

My training with Ivan has been tremendous. I have seen more improvement in myself in training with Ivan for one year than I have seen training with others for over 10 years. Ivan is not only a professional but he continues to learn from others teachers and passes on this knowledge to his students.

My wife has been training with Royce Gracie Academy OC for 4 years. My wife has also had many trainers and exercise regiments. The program at Royce Gracie Academy OC has been very successful for my wife as well. Her fitness level is the best it has ever been, and she continues to make vast improvements.

I would recommend Royce Gracie Academy OC to anyone. The prices are very reasonable and worth every penny.”

The Paul Family, Laguna Niguel


“I have attended Royce Gracie Academy OC for over 3 years now. The adult classes have been life-changing. In the process, I’ve lost about 30 pounds. You can get serious martial arts training in Muay Thai or Jiu Jitsu with top-level instruction. Royce Gracie Academy OC schedules great seminars with regular visits by Royce Gracie who is a legend. Or you can go to classes that don’t emphasize as much form, and instead are more cardio-focused.

My daughter was in the Lil’ Dragons program and loved it. She learned a lot and gained ability to focus. I took her out of the program so she could do some other activities, swimming and summer stuff, but will put her back in as soon as possible. I had no issues with Royce Gracie Academy OC on taking her out. I gave them a month’s notice, no problem. Seems like pretty standard business practice to me. The Kravitz’s and staff are great.”

Jeff V., Laguna Niguel


“Royce Gracie Academy OC is great school for people who are serious about martial arts. My wife, daughter and I all attend classes here many times per week. Master Kravitz teaches that hard work is required to achieve goals. Nothing is handed to you. If you want your butt kissed this is not where you want to go. The people that go here regularly love it and the people working here. Its a place to train and learn (and have a few laughs.)

My daughter loves coming to classes here and looks forward to them every week. They set goals for them and they must EARN them.

If you are serious about learning martial arts or want to get in shape with their Superfit classes this is the school to be at. Real world training for the real world, not just the OC.”

– B. Cook, San Juan Capistrano


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